Race in Cuba

Coming into Cuba I didn’t know where I would fall racially. In the US I’m often just read as white, even though my ethnic identity is Latina. In my time visiting family in the Dominican Republic I’m always read as white and don’t pass for Dominican, but my mom had told me that in Cuba … More Race in Cuba

Music in Cuba

Whether it’s playing out of a neighbors house during the day or when we go out dancing at night, music has been one of the constant cultural experiences here. Just like Cuban culture, the music is informed by lots of different regions of the world that come together to create something new. Salsa is very … More Music in Cuba

¡Saludos de Cuba!

Our first days here have been packed with new experiences. Vedado, the neighborhood where our homestays are in, is very nice and seems to be heavily funded by international tourism. There are lots of hotels, other student groups and Embassies nearby, and at the same time Cuban families who’ve lived in the same house or … More ¡Saludos de Cuba!